Bear Site Ranking Booster Pro - Smart Direct & SE Traffic Generator

Bear Site Ranking Booster Pro - Smart Direct & SE Traffic Generator

Bear Site Ranking Booster Pro - Smart Direct & SE Traffic Generator | desktop

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Bear Site Ranking Booster tool allows to improve search engine ranking of your site(s) in number of search engines – GoogleBingBaidoYahoo and Yandex. The main goal is to boost site ratio by clicking link that references your site after searching by provided target requests. The tool can automatically calculate effective booster scenario based on your site visitor statistics for efficient mix your site real traffic with newly generated by application.

The application includes full browser emulation mechanism – so all scripts(including all analytics such as google analysts) will be executed on pages. The process of searching includes human-like typing of search engine requests – that feature makes the tool fully unique from another similar seo tools. You can configure input flow and see all processing in real-time.

There are three scenarios: “Ranking Booster” – when system calculates effective scenario of booster based on your site analytic to have good mixed real with generated site traffic; “Traffic Blast” – when you define how many traffic you want to have – just like another such application provided but with ability of visiting through search engines; “Manual” – manual configuration.

Multi-threading, setting up screen resolution, user agents, proxies, waiting intervals, target site link clicking and other configuration to unify resulting visitors fully supported.

Main screen

Features list

  • Full browser emulation
  • Full configuration of browser settings: screen resolution, user agent, proxy, intervals and other
  • Five types of search engines: Google, Bing, Baido, Yahoo, Yandex
  • Human-like typing
  • Calculation of effective booster settings based on site analytic for efficient mix your site real traffic with newly generated by application
  • Real-time results and statistic
  • Embedded proxy checker
  • Click links inside target sites
  • Search engine custom domain setting
  • Thee scenario types: Ranking Booster, Traffic Blast, Manual
  • Multi-threading
  • Traffic blast mode
  • Direct traffic generation (wihout search engines)
  • ‘Detect IP changing’ setting
  • Tor usage 
  • Referall/mirrors links support
  • Proxy checker
  • Auto-crawl proxies from URLs


Human-like typing

Calculation of effective booster settings

Real-time results

Multithreading and showing real-time statistic on google analyst

Upcoming feautures

  • Anti-captcha


Where I can find help information?

You can find whole help information about some parameter by clicking on ”?” buttons that near of each UI element in the application

Why do I need proxies? Where I can find them?

The proxies are needed to make generated visits be unique by IP You need proxies or some mechanism of IP changing in your operation system. The proxies are not included in the application for some reasons (proxy providers resell policy, target location issues and other). The application uses HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can buy proxies for example here

Will google analyst real-time analytic show visits?

Yes! If you don’t see results the issues with proxies or network settings. I can show you additional prove via skype – yrevotyuk or team viewer conversation if needed

How many proxies I needed?

Short answer – as many as possible. Long answer: the number of proxies recommended to be equal or greater than number of visitors per day – to have in result visitors from unique IPs

How many visits can be generated?

If you use recommended parameters you will have additional X – X*5 visitors per day, where X – average number of views per day that you get from your site analytic. You can get more in case of ignoring recommendations – this is on your risk. The main idea of the application is to mix your real traffic with the generated to reduce risk of blocking

Can I use free proxies?

Yes. But note, that quality of free proxies can be poor because many people use them. I have already created application for finding and checking proxies here is it- Too Many Proxies, or you can use some other (even freeware) application. Recommendation mix your payed proxies with free.

Found bug? Have idea or suggestion about what to add into application?

Please write some ticket with appropriate label in the project repository here and describe as many details as you can what you want to change\add or what issue you have concerning the application


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