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Audio Jungle Mega Pack

Audio Jungle Mega Pack

Audio Jungle Mega Pack

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Files Include:

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 1]

-Dramatic Trailer
-Hit It Hard
-One In A Million
-Storm In A Circuit Board
-Take Me Home
-Tech World Unite
-The Attitude
-Ukulele Fun
-Various Rock Music Pack
-We Are Victorious
-Whistle Blower
-You Make Me Smile

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 2]

-Action Movie Music Score
-Be My Romeo Valentines Theme
-Be My Valentine
-Cinematic Action Explosion
-Clair de Lune
-Clapping Ukulele
-Dancing In The Wood
-Dramatic Trailer
-Epic Battle And War
-Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer Music
-Epic Hollywood Underscore
-Evil Mushrooms
-Funny Swing
-Hand in Hand
-Italo Disco 80's
-Just Be Happy (with and without whistling)
-Looks Like Success
-News And Current Affairs
-Old Time Memories
-Spring Melody
-State of Art
-Tomorrow's Future
-Ukulele With Sleigh Bells

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 3]
-Add Loudness
-Be My Valentine
-Bright Shining Love (Vocal Mix)
-Colors Of Emotions
-Comedy Action Country
-Dream of Lynea
-Driving In My Car
-Felix Mendelssohn Wedding March Techno Dance
-Friends of Grunge
-Funny Walk Logo
-Halloween Spooks
-Neon Light Flicker
-Sunday Morning

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 4]

-A Lover's Story
-A Romantic Love Harp
-A Sad Orchestral String Story
-Acoustic Loop - 2
-Acoustic Loop - 31
-All for a happy ending
-Angelic Romance
-Be My Romeo Valentines Theme
Cheery Piano
-Classical Heart-warming Music Theme
-Funny Swing
-Heartbroken Love
-Here Is Love Acoustic Guitar
-Light Footsteps
-Tender Love Theme
-Trailer Acts - Volume One

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 5]
-Beautiful Day
-Bright Trance Night
-College Band
-Cute Bugs
-Floating Particles Logo
-Happy Piano and Strings
-Marching Band Takes the Field
-New Inspiring Tech Product
-On Top Of The World
-Put a Smile On
-Something Elemental
-The Happiest Day Ever
-The "Oo-Ah-Oo" Song
-To Be Punk
-Top of the Day
-Vintage Love

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 6]

-Absolutely Uplifting
-Birthday Ident
-Born In The 70s
-Cinematic Trailer Pack
-Corporate Logo Pack
-Dark Orchestral Logo 1
-Epic Power Logo
-Epic Western
-Feel The Love
-Hang In There
-Hi-Tech Logo 2
-Memorial Tribute
-One in a Million
-Playground Fun
-Radio Imaging Pack
-Stepping to the Top
-Various Rock Music Pack
-Water Splash Logo 2

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 7][/b]

-Arena Anthem
-Blue Groove Deluxe
-Children Smile
-Cool Phoenix
-Epic Trailer
-Epic Trailer Intro
-Funky you!!!
-Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly
-It's Your Birthday
-Hip Hop Sport
-In The Moment Of Inspiration
-Irish Bar
-Its Your Birthday
-Modern Dance Chart Opening
-My Story
-Ride Along
-Sha La La
-Summer Dance
-Sun Is So Bright
-Tune In
-Turning Me On
-Warm Summer

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 8]

-A Little On The Wild Side
-Add Loudness
-Epic Cinematic Style Intro
-Epic Finale Trailer Music Sketches
-happy smiling family
-Here Is Love Acoustic Guitar
-Hi Tech Logo 4
-It's A Beautiful Day
-Make It Last With Vocals
-Moments Of Glory
-Shes Fire Walking
-Super hero
-Trouble balls 3
-We Can Change The World With Vocals
-Were Going Up

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 9]

-A Bright Future Mixes
-A Sunny Day
-Ambient Llogo
-Audio Logo Pack 01
-Bad Boys
-Better Days Ahead
-Energetic Pumping Electronic Club Track
-Funny Children
-Hero Nation
-Interface Sound Effects Pack 18
-Looking On The Bright Side
-Mechanical Marvel
-Missing You
-Modern Dance Chart Opening
-Modern Electronic Logos Pack
-Modern Orchestral Llogo
-Only The Brave
-Quirky Toymaker
-Scifi Atmosphere
-Short Swoosh Sounds
-Soaring High

[Audio Jungle Bundle 2014 vol 10]

-Camera Shutter Sound
-Gentle Eclipse
-Cinematic Magic Swell Sounds
-Cinematic 2
-Comedy Action Country
-Dramatic Into
-Dramatic Logo Into 5
-Epic Action Trailer
-Epic Cinematic Opener
-Epic Finale
-Exotic Intro World Of Water
-Fight For Your Freedom
-Heroic Cinematic Opening Meet The Vigilante
-Intense Cinematic Intro
-Magic Wave Professional Film Logo
-Movie Fanfare Short
-Mythes Legends
-Old Fotos
-Revolutionary Intro
-Savage One
-Super Mega Pirae Action
-Sweeping Romantic Orchestral Theme
-The Beautiful Savage
-The Final Battle
-The Power Of Giants
-The Rising
-We'll Have a Wedding Love Song

[AudioJungle Items in the Bundle 2014]

-Clapping Ukulele
-Funky Hip-Hop Loop
-Future City
-Indie Rocker
-New Year Song
-One Foot After the Other
-Ukelele and Whistle
-You've Got My Heart

[AudioJungle Pack 1]

-Mechanical Marvel
-Sci-Fi Atmosphere
-The Attitude
-Short Swoosh Sounds
-Missing You
-Better Days Ahead
-Only The Brave
-Interface Sound Effects Pack 18
-Soaring High
-Modern Electronic Logos Pack
-Storm In A Circuit Board
-Tech World Unite
-Hero Nation

[AudioJungle Pack 2]

-Whistle Blower
-Modern Dance Chart Opening
-Funny Children
-We Are Victorious
-A Sunny Day
-Looking on the Bright Side
-Modern Orchestral Logo -A Bright Future Mixes -Take Me Home -Quirky Toymaker -Ambient Logo -Ukulele Fun [AudioJungle Pack 3]
-Energetic pumping electronic club track
-Classical Piano
-Brought Upright
-Something Big is Coming
-Moonlight Dream
-Drum Run
-Street Traffic
-An Endless Horizon
-Fashion Show
-You Make Me Smile
-Only Success
-The Best Day
-Rising to Perfection

[AudioJungle Pack 4]

-Acoustic Summer
-A Happy Beautiful Day
-Cinematic Rising Climax
-Feels Like a Wedding Day
-Happy Times
-Piano Clap Ad
-Shake It Loose
-The Sport Grid
-Upbeat Ukulele
-World Goes 'Round
-Your Little Planet Corp

[AudioJungle Bundle 2015 vol. 1]

-3D World Logo Reveal
-Be Still
-Black Fire
-Business Freedom
-Corporate Identity Intro Set 3
-Don't Go
-Dreaming (5630856)
-Drumstep Rock
-Dubstep Kill Jingle
-Electric Dance
-Energetic And Heavy Guitar Opener
-Epic Hollywood Trailer
-Feel Good Music Pack
-Girl In Summer Cafe
-Got Joy
-Happy Children
-Happy Corporate Ukulele & Whistle
-Inspire (4113966)
-Inspire A New World
-Lovely Pop Music
-My Elegant Redemption
-Native American Flute
-Seize the Day
-Shining Peace Logo
-Smart and Beautiful Machine
-Stardust Logo
-Take it Easy
-Uplifting Trance
-Walking With A Pet

[AudioJungle Bundle 2015 vol. 2]

-A Drive To Remember
-Audio Quattro - CLOUDS
-Bright Awakening
-Bright New Start
-Circle Of Life
-Colors of Emotions
-Corporate News
-Corporate Progress
-Creative Visions
-Dreams Of Glory
-Freak Valse
-Game Over SFX and Voice
-House Pack 1
-I Will Succeed
-In the Moment of Inspiration
-Live My Life
-Native American Flute
-Queen Of Blades
-Taking the Reins
-Upbeat Ukulele
-Uplifting Trance
-Walking With A Pet

[AudioJungle Bundle 2015 vol. 3]

-A Moment of Reflection
-Birds stereo 01
-Blockbuster Trailer
-Celtic Guitar
-Children's Happy Joyful Music
-Christmas Logo
-Cinematic Inspiration
-Corporate summer
-Countdown Opener
-Darkness Falls
-Epic Trailer
-Euphoria vol-3
-Firefly in a fairytale
-Glitchy Trailer
-Happy Birthday
-Italo disco 80's
-Jazz Cafe
-Logo Opening Orchestral
-Lonely Moon Bossa Nova
-Make it last (with vocals)
-Massive Dubstep Audio Logo
-Mystic Orient
-Silent Night music box
-Tight distorted house track
-Wind chimes down
-World news open

[AudioJungle Bundle 2015 vol. 4]

-A way to the top
-Cradle of the ocean
-Drop back
-Emotional piano
-Epic action intro
-Futuristic dubstep
-Gentle eclipse
-Glitchy disease rising trailer
-Here we go
-I am not afraid
-Inspiring ideas into motion
-Intense cinematic trailer
-It's good to be alive
-Logo support
-Ode to victory
-Queen of the mountain
-Rising trailer
-Sentimental piano
-Soaring spirit
-Sunny morning in the valley
-Super duper cha cha cha
-Synth pop inspiration
-The kings summit
-Warm summer kit
-Way above the skyline
-We won't stop dreaming
-We'll have a wedding - love song
-Why do we allow it


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Updated Date : Oct 01, 2018


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