1000 Million Email List for email marketing

1000 Million Email List for email marketing

1000 Million Email List for email marketing | php-scripts

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A great list for the email marketing, includes 1000 million emails from various breaches

This list is made from millions of data breaches around the world, we have made a compilation of emails of this breaches,

This can be used for the marketing purpose or any other usage,

This includes 1000 Million email ids around the world This list includes email from AOL, Facebook,pay-pal, yellow-pages database, email ids leaked from adult sites, latest breaches, email bots, also from USA, UK, France, India, china, Chile, Canada, Australia, and unto 35+ countries email ids. Various Business and investors email ids, corporate email ids.
All the email ids are sorted and well formed in folders to make it easy find and get some specific category list.
This list was downloaded from darknet and put it here to available to others



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